Friday, March 11, 2011

My new purse

**** I thought this was published last week!!****

If you are into designer handbags, You may not want to read any further. Because, I am most certainly NOT a designer bag person.
More of a cheap utilitarian type.

As I lamented a couple of weeks ago, my purse (seconhand thrift store edition) was held together with safety pins and "D" rings. I kept my eye out in all the usual places I shop. I wanted something cheap... but not plastic. And not endowed with half a dozen huge, gaudy buckles.

Yesterday, I noticed the bits of material that the safety pins and "D" rings were attached to, were at their breaking point. Since I was in town for library day, the boys and I went to WalMart. Being boys, the moment I headed to any department that didn't hold relevence for them, Sam and Dan disappeared.

The Bentonville WalMart had just set up a new display of handbags. I had chosen a black bag in the heavy denim twill... when I saw the same design in camo. After nearly twenty seconds of debate... I went with the camo. (Becky will be so jealous!)

Then I had a choice of sizes... one was $10., the other $12. I went with the larger of the two. (Actually, there were a couple of still larger sizes, but I figured this one was sufficeint!)

So, here it is... my latest necessity tote.

On my way to the car after buying the new purse... the old one gave up. The straps broke completely off, the fabric it had been pinned to finally unable to withstand any more abuse. After several jokes about being careful where I put it down, as I may not be able to find it... I had to laugh when I really could not find it this morning. I couldn't find it because I was looking for the old one!

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