Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Lots of little things to catch up on...

Alana had her birthday Saturday... Eight years old! So much has happened in those eight years- and yet it doesn't seem like eight years was all that long ago. Maybe I'm feeling like the toilet paper at the center of the roll... time is spinning by more quickly as I get closer to the end!

The 5th of March marks 7 years since we had to move away from our home in Marlow. Whatever reason God has for moving us here hasn't made itself manifest yet. Every time I look at the ugly color walls in my bedrooms and bathrooms here, I miss having MY house that I could decorate as I liked. Watching a TV show a couple of nights ago... I think it was an episode of "Cops"... a homeowner had curtains of the same fabric as my curtains in Central High... I nearly started crying. I had made my curtains from the same fabric I had used to cover the kitchen soffets there. I miss my big old kitchen!

Friday, I also got to have lunch with an old friend.. the lady whose son we babysat from the time we was a newborn up until just under a year ago. We haven't talked in awhile, so we spent a solid three hours catching up. I really enjoyed getting to have "girl time".

I got Daniel and Sam's curriculum ordered. I had to stress several times to Tom, as well as the boys, that it was a PLACEMENT test for this particular publisher's curriculum. It doesn't mean they are "behind" or haven't been learning the "right" stuff. It is designed to place them appropriatly in THIS curriculum. I expect to receive it by the end of this week.

Yesterday, Sam had been climbing a tree. He climbs trees all the time... often stopping his Mom's heart as he leaps from tree to tree. As he dropped to the ground yesterday after his climb, his foot landed on a stick, which rolled beneath him. This caused him to stumble, and fall forward. (And we were always taught it was  Spring -Forward and Fall -Back) 
He landed on his palms. One came up cut- deeply. I was dreading the emergency room... hours and hours of waiting, and me needing to be at inventory by 1:00pm. Tom suggested maybe I call the doctor's office and see if they could sew him up. So I did, and they could! We were there in fifteen minutes and back home in an hour... with six stitches, a tetnus shot, and an antibiotic. I made it to inventory with time to spare.

The boss has "upped" my work hours "from now until business slows down". I will be staying over on Fridays and Saturdays past when I finish my shipping and receiving, until it gets slow, or my eight (nine) hours are up. I will be back to working the counter, as well as doing planograms and restocking shelves.

That's about all the news I can think of for now.
Have a blessed day, and thanks for reading!

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