Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trying to be productive!

Today was oil day at my O'Reilly store. I got home, talked to my dear darling daughter... (who has yet to make public her announcement!), Walked 2 miles on the treadmill, and have been since cleaning my bedroom.

My bedroom doesn't get cleaned near often enough. The sheets get washed and the floor picked up- but the dusting and mopping can be ignored for years months. Today, I have the whole room disassembled. The mattress and box springs are in the hallway, as is my clothes shelving unit. The rest of the stuff has been getting shifted from side to side of the room as I dust, sweep, and mop. The quilt and comforter are getting washed, and the curtains will come down once the floor near the window dries. The ceiling fan still has to be dusted. My baskets of "stuff" that sit on the floor near my bed have to be gone through. Most of my winter clothes can be packed away. (Leave out a few of my favorite things for the inevitable cold snap that hits as soon as the winter clothes are stored!)

I took the racks of baseball caps down, moved one to a different wall, and tossed all the caps into the dryer (on fluff!) to knock the dust off of them. Sighed over my lack of a headboard for my bed. tossed the bedskirt into the washer with the sheets.

Don't you love Spring cleaning? I love the results... but my sinuses are sure cussing me at the moment!

Daniel and Sam are hard at work on their school curriculum. We NEED another computer compatible with the A&O Curriculum. Yesterday, Sam didn't have time to finish his school work, as they have to take turns. Today, I had them alternate after each subject, instead of one doing all his work, then the other starting his.

Here it is after 3:00 pm, and neither is done.

And since it IS after 3:00 pm, I best get back in there and finish my room. The section of florr I just cleaned ought to be dry by now!

Have a blessed day, Thanks for reading!

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