Friday, March 18, 2011

It is almost the first day of Spring...

and a cold front is headed through!

Mr C was very pleased with yesterday's cleaning spree. I didn't quite finish last night... I left the clothes on my shelf-cum-dresser unfolded, and the basket of collected stuff unsorted until today. Now, I have a nice pile of winter clothes to put away, and a pile of give-away stuff.

I hung threadbare  different curtains in there... more spring-like. Today I hung up my Ohio State throw blanket, in place of having a headboard. Kind of clashes with the decor... or lack there-of.... but it is out of the way now and the dogs can't wallow on it.

While cleaning today, I did find something that made me sad. My eldest son had given me his wedding ring to safe-keep for him while he is away... and I found it in the bottom of the basket of "stuff" I was sorting. I'm really not sure what to do about the ring, other than put it in a safer place than the basket. It sort of made me feel like finding the "One Ring"... the ring of doom!

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

I have a roast in the slow cooker. It is smelling good! (My cooking blog languishes, as I tend to repeat my same-old same-old recipes.) I had intended to "spring clean" my bathroom today, but decided I am just not that energetic.

The boys are slogging along with their new curriculum. They aren't any too keen on it. In some ways, I don't blame them. The teachers talk down to the students as if they are three year olds rather than Junior High students. I am assuming this is typical of teachers dealing with children, as Tom's step cousin, who is an elementary school principal, tends to talk to kids like this. Really, one of their assignments yesterday was "Make a booklet with pictures cut from magazines, illustrating scenery from North America". They are in EIGHTH GRADE!, not third.
I am hoping that it gets "better", as they are just in the first week of assignments.

Hope you have a blessed day. Thank you for reading!

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