Monday, August 10, 2009

Already a third through August!

This morning, Daniel and I took Matthew and went to town. We had to go to Atwoods, where Dan and Sam got new belts. ("Real belts... not the plastic toy kind from WalMart".) Atwoods also had their planters and patio stuff on sale for half price. I wish I had a place to use some of the great stuff they had! I got 3 planters to re-pot some of my weeds.

From Atwoods, we went to Save A Lot grocery. Stocked up on some canned goods, such as Ranchies, diced tomatoes, and fruit. We also went by the bank to deposit my check. I had intended to stop on the way home and pay my Oreilly's bill, stock up on meat at Marvin's Grocery, and put some $$ in my ebay account (which is at another bank). I decided against the stops in Gentry and headed on home.

Matt got up from eating his lunch, and ran to the bathroom to "frow up". He didn't lose stomach contents... just the lunch he didn't want to eat. He crammed it in his mouth and ran and spit it in the toilet. Since he is "sick"... he gets to lay on the couch and have a nap. No toys, no TV, no going outside. I wonder how well the "frow up" game worked with his Gramma?

Chris and Seneca and the kids are coming later this week. I have a turkey thawing for supper one night while they are here. We haven't had the kids all here since before they moved to Texas.

I looked for a birthday present for Amber while I was at Atwoods, but didn't find anything along the lines her Mommy suggested. I'd like to find her something before they get here, so I won't have to mail it.

Time for Mr C to get home for his lunch, so I will say bye for now! Have a blessed day!


Mom said...

I know you will be happy to see them. Have a good visit.

Becky said...

So what kind of something would Amber like? I am terrible about buying presents, and so I just end up not getting them anything.