Tuesday, August 11, 2009

National Tighten Your Ceiling Fan Blades Day

Ok, so NTYCFB day is totally bogus. But it is still a good idea to periodically tighten those screws that hold the blades into your ceiling fans. I just did mine. All you need is a step ladder, a phillips head screw driver, and a dust cloth. Because once you are up on the step ladder, you will notice how much dust accumulates on those blades. You may as well dust them while you are up there.

Oh, you will find it a good idea to dust the length of the blade AWAY from the bed you are standing on to reach your bedroom fan. Or else you will be rewashing the bedding.

I am going in to O's this afternoon to set up the new sale, which goes into effect tomorrow. I happen to LIKE the process of tearing down the old displays and setting up new ones. I think I am the only one at our store who enjoys it. So I may as well get a few hours in, to help make up for coming home early every weekend. The sale set-up happens about every three weeks.

Tomorrow, there is a pancake breakfast/ bake sale/ book sale going on up at the hangar where Mr C works. (Where I used to work!) I will have Matthew early... really early. The sale is a fundraiser for one of the mechanics who has been hospitalized for weeks... maybe even months now. He was riding his motorcycle, when a deer came running across the road and leaped BETWEEN Richard and his motorcycle. Basically, it tackled him off his bike and he fell down into a ravine. There were witnesses to the accident. The motorcycle continued to travel without Richard for a short distance. He broke lots of bones... and he was a big old boy to begin with, over 400lbs. I donated several jars of home made jelly to the sale, and a bag of books. Guess we ought to do some baking for the cause.
Dale asked me this morning to start keeping Matt on Thursdays again, for awhile. My Thursday off was really short lived, wasn't it? Oh well, extra income!
OK, Y'all... get busy on those ceiling fans. I don't want anyone bonked with dropping blades.
Have a blessed day!


Mom said...

Sorry I will have to make that holiday another day at our house...I am still on the NCYLRCW ..IT has been a long holiday so far and still not near over. That is National clean your laundry room cabinets WEEK tee hee What I do have done is looking quite nice. I always get bonked with the fan without losing the blades...my ceiling is so low . Good I am short huh??

truth said...

Can you believe I don't have a single ceiling fan? Growing up in Phoenix EVERYONE had them in nearly every room. (Or at least they do now.)

Becky said...

We only have one ceiling fan, and I'm not allowed to climb up to it right now. You should come do mine.