Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trying to find a new Normal...

My BP and heart rate did settle down yesterday, and stayed fine the rest of the day.
I woke again this morning in full panic mode, but didn't rush to take BP. I sat and visited awhile with my Mom and Ralph, who brought up a table and some chairs I acquired last week in Ft Worth. When I did take my BP, it was excellent, and my heart rate was 84... not bad for me at all. (I usually run in the mid to high 90's).

Our house runneth over in furnishings. I had intended to put the table and chairs right into storage, but Mr C has to re-organize the storage cubby we rent. Mom made a couple of arrangement suggestions, and we might just decide to live with the table and chairs here, after all.
(Who knows when we will find a bigger place. We are just about two weeks from marking four years in this house.) That translates to $33,600. we could have been paying towards owning a place of our own. (PLUS $1,200 thus far to store basic JUNK.)


The whole family is looking for a new "normal". Events of the last couple of weeks have shaken us up, and brought about a fresh reliance on God. Many aspects of the future are unpredictable... and I really like routine. I know the future is never a "given", it just seems so much more changeable, all of the sudden.

I missed sending Grandaughter Amber a birthday gift, and have grandson Gavin approaching his 3rd birthday in just a couple of weeks. I have no idea of what to do for him. At the moment, I can barely think of what to fix for the next meal, much less what to do about an upcoming birthday.

Have a blessed day.

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Anonymous said...

sorry.. i completely forgot about amber's birthday gift from you. Call me when you can and I'll give you an address you can send it to. Love you.