Monday, August 17, 2009


I drove with DS#1 down to Ft Worth Thursday. Mom took me to see my Granny Friday afternoon. We also visited my Aunt Jean. It is hard to cram so much into a one day visit.
Friday, DS#2 came to see me while I was there, followed by my DD and DS#4, and of course, DD's little Tyrel. They didn't get in until after midnight, so technically, it was Saturday morning. We were up way too late, as I had to come home Saturday. We had the 'sleepy sillies', and laughed a lot. Saturday morning, Ty was up at 6:15... even though he was awake into the wee hours with the rest of us. So we got a little more visiting in.

I sent DD and Ty over to the donut shop on the next block to get us an unhealthy sugar, fat, and white flour laced breakfast. She put my change in Ty's pocket to give to me. When he offered me the money, I told him he could keep it. Later, he offered it to me again, and I told him, "I gave you that dollar".
I have DS#2 as a witness... Ty told me "It's FIVE".
How many freshly turned two year olds know the difference in a one dollar bill and a five dollar bill? I was impressed!

I missed Friday and Saturday at work... so Sunday seemed really short. Not having been there for 2 days, I had plenty to keep me busy... and most of it was physical. When you go into an O'Reilly store, you may not think about those aisles that have cases and cases of oil stacked on the floor. But the store planners think about them. They want those stacks to be of the best selling oils for that particular store... and best sellers change from year to year. A few months ago, they swapped the ends of the oil aisle, so that the synthetic oils were at the head of the aisle, instead of the end.
At that time, I didn't swap the stacks of cases on the floor from one end of the aisle to the other. I did that yesterday. I hauled 14 five gallon buckets of hydraulic fluid out for a display in addition to moving some 80+ cases of oil.

Our family is in need of prayers. We would appreciate yours.

Have a blessed day!

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