Friday, August 7, 2009

Our "Field trip"

Thursday, we decided to 'do something' in the afternoon. Ben is busy on a mission of mercy: one of his (male) co-workers (25) was kicked out by hi wife. Ben has been offering moral support (Wednesday) and helping the guy move to a new apartment (Thursday) ... so Dan and Samdidn't get to challenge Ben to whatever video game duel they had hoped Thursday afternoon.

Instead, we went back to Borders book store, and took advantage of a 40% off coupon, and got one of the "Warriors" series of books that Daniel has been reading. Actually, we got TWO of the series, finally giving up on one Dan has had on reserve at the library for over a month, and buying the book. (It was actually cheaper than I found it at Overstock, as a Club O member!). I picked up a little 'bonus' birthday gift for Amber... but didn't find a main gift for her. I found a cute book for my mom... and a book on airplanes for either Matthew or Gavin... I haven't yet decided which. (Leaning towards Gavin).

We tried to get the boys paintball air tanks refilled, but the filler tank at WalMart was out for repairs. While there, I let the boys choose new comforters for their beds- something I have been meaning to do for quite awhile. Their camo ones we got four years ago have worn out pretty much.

We went to the library, where Dan and Sam played on the one of the chess boards they donated. Both are set up in nice locations, and are reported to have been seeing a LOT of use. I checked out some books for myself.

While at the mall, I dashed into Bath and Body works... they are having the pump hand soap sale! and got several bottles of hand soap. We stopped at the post office and finally got Gma Kathies birthday gift mailed off... an antique glazed porcelain necklace we found a few weeks ago at a rock shop. I also got Bill's pictures mailed off- Chris' went yesterday. He will have to copy the yearbook page if Becky or Bill wants a copy of it.

We stopped off and got a Papa Murphy's (Take and Bake) pizza for dinner... having just discovered the Papa Murphy's in Bentonville. (We tried PM Pizza at mom's house earlier this year... it is sooo gooooooood!)

So we mostly just did errands that Dan and Sam wanted to do... but it got us out of the house for awhile.

Friday, I work Noon to 7:00pm.

Oh, I heard from Chris: Please be praying! Their Emergency custody hearing is the 13th, to determine where Connor and Alana will start to school. it isn't the final hearing, just one to determine where they will go to school this year. All prayers appreciated!

Bill and Glynna report that Nickole is over 15 lbs! and doing well. Three teeth (or was it four?), Rolling everywhere, sitting alone, and freshly shot with all the nasty germs docs say babies need to have. A really big little girl.



Mom said...

Sounds like you had a good day...maybe that will offset having to go to work today. Thanks for the updates on the kids...your blogs really help me a lot in keeping up..keep 'em coming.

truth said...

I'll bet it was great to get those things done. It reminds me of these perpetual lists I have (even if only in my head) and some things linger for what seems like forever. I just never get to them. Then all of the sudden it happens and it is wonderful.