Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Star gazing

I have been out watching for ' falling stars' in the annual meteor shower. I saw several, and may go back out in awhile. Sitting out under the canopy of stars, you cannot help but realize how small we are in God's plan. And knowing he HAS a plan is a good thing when you feel helpless and small and out of control.

My world was given a major jolt today- one of those days that changes everything. But God is still in control. He spread out the heavens, and established the earth. The 'falling stars' I have been watching were set in their paths when He created the world, and their glory I see tonight was set in motion at the beginning.

The stars go on, whether we choose to see them at night, or choose to stay indoors and watch TV. They are there in the brightness of day, though we cannot see them because of the brighter light. They are there when the storm clouds block our view. Stars always remind me of God.

Tonight, I need reminding.

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Mom said...

I forgot to go out and look up .. I intended to for the past few nights. Guess that's what I get for going to bed so early!!