Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surprise! Good and Not so great...

The not so great: Seneca and the kids didn't get to come up here this week.
The Good: Chris drove up a day early. He arrived in the wee hours of morning, after a couple of mis-turns en route. One was mistakenly taking Arkansas Hwy 59 off of 40... at night. Yikes!

Arkansas 59 is a beautiful, scenic route, one I heartily recommend to a leisure driver wanting to see beautiful autumn leaves. It wends and winds through hills and curves and valleys. Deer abound. I shudder to think of a tired driver trying to make his way up it at night.

My turkey is in the oven- I am cooking it early so that we can have the house cooled down by the time the evening heat hits. I never did get banana bread done yesterday. But we did make 6 mini-loaves of pumpkin-date bread with cinnamon cream cheese filling. And two layers of chocolate cake. I hope the breakfast/ bake sale goes well today.

It is nearly lunch time. Chris and Ben have been trying to get Jennifer all morning. She promised the kids could come over to visit/ spend the night. Finally, they gave up calling and drove on over to her house.
I will be needing to fix some lunch for Matthew here in a few minutes. He poked around and left his breakfast, and snacks have not been forthcoming. (If you weren't hungry enough for breakfast, you don't need a snack spoiling your lunch.) He keeps saying "meTammy, meTammy: yi eeoh a geenow" "meTammy, meTammy I ee summy eat"
Other than ""Tammy", I can understand "eat". I have mentioned to his Mom I think he needs to be going to a speech therapist. He is four years old and pretty much can't make himself understood. She didn't seem to think it is a big deal.

I was counting something this morning, and happened to get to 17. Matthew clearly said "eighteen". I was really impressed, both with him knowing 18 was next, and how clearly he said it.
MMM, the turkey smells good! Guess I will go find something to make for lunch. Have a blessed day!

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Mom said...

That is a drive...I think they ought to consider a gps. Chris evidently gets his sense of direction from his fave Grandma~that had to have been quite a roundabout route from here ~ haha Hope they find them there and get the kids ok so ya'll can have a good visit. As far as I know at this point in time our 'trip' is still on...ykw out changing the oil now.