Monday, August 31, 2009

Do- Overs....

I decided this morning that the twins and I are going to re-start our school year. While we did get started earlier this month, I have been away from home so much that all they were getting done was Math and Reading. Most of the local schools have just started in the last week, and a few schools start after Labor Day... so I declared our school year to be re-starting.
(Instead of going back through my schooling log and trying to reconstruct what was done and when, we will just pick up the log anew.)

Mr C took a load of stuff to the storage unit over the weekend. I sent books I have been refusing to allow in storage... just hoping I am proved wrong about them getting mildewed. I sent decorative items that I would love to hang up, but there just isn't room here. Mr C saw that I was sending items I really didn't WANT to send, so he gave in and sent stuff he didn't want to send... like his decrepit weight bench that has blighted the front porch for the last 4 years. As far as I can recall, he may have used it twice in all that time.

The cleaning off of the front porch felt great... my oversized rocker is now out there. I am trying to make room for my tree and plants to come back inside. (Hey Laurie, are you guys ready to give a tree a home? We'd love to have you come visit some time!). It was in the 50's this morning... and it isn't even officially September yet. The weather has felt very October-ish for the last week or so.

I put in a FULL weekend at work. Friday was the regular catch-up of each week. Saturday, we 'cleared the floors' of everything that wasn't a permanent fixture for the annual stripping and re-waxing of the floor. This required moving some 150 cases of oil, dozens of 5 gallon buckets of tractor fluids, fifty or so 50 lb. bags of oil dry (kitty litter), fifty+ cases of antifreeze, generators, jacks, air compressors, and 'portable' fixtures like the antifreeze and windshield wash racks.
On Sunday, we got to move everything back to their nice shiny locations. Today, I go back and set up the new sale that starts Wednesday. (I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon that I scheduled, not realizing it was New Sales Eve. Boss is allowing me to set the sale up a day early!)

The house has suffered through without me, Tom and the boys doing a more or less good job of staying on top of the major things.

As I showered for work yesterday, I heard Tom suddenly start yelling at one of the dogs. As I dripped from the bathroom into the bedroom... he pointed out that sneaky Jaffa had crawled up onto our bed- which is strictly forbidden!... and covered himself up with my quilt. Tom hadn't noticed him there, and had sat beside the dog. He only realized Jaffa was hidden beneath the covers of my yet-to-be-made bed when he put his hand on the dog. Tom later discovered that out bedsheet has a huge triangular rip in it... apparently Jaffa had tried to use the sheet to pull over himself before burrowing under the quilt.

This is the funniest dog I have ever seen about wanting to be under the covers to sleep. If he doesn't have something to cover up with, he will go searching until he finds a throw, a coat, or even a full sized blanket. He drags it to his nesting spot of the moment, and tucks himself in completely, sealing the cover all around himself. A very cold-natured dog! (Still, he better stay OFF of my bed!)


Mom said...

good morning Sorry you have to go in to work today, it sounds like you need rest..that amounted to a lot of lifting and tugging I'm sure...not like summer cleaning at the schools. YUK!! It does feel nice to see everything all shiney for awhile tho. Have a good day.

Becky said...

Yes when I am visiting, I often wake up in the night needing to kick Jaffa OUT from under the blankets at me feet.
PS. What kind of In Point Ment?