Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nothing is ever Simple

I was justifiably unexcited about that house. A matter of self preservation, I expect.

After talking to the bank, Mr C discovered that THIS house requires a 25% down payment. It is missing its "data plate". I went online and did some research. The home owner has been looking for a small metal plate with the serial number on it, which he feared was 'bricked' under when the stone skirting was put up. Actually, the data plate is made of paper.

Yeah. Paper!

It is supposed to be 'permanently affixed in an easily accessible location, typically near the main electrical panel'. "Permanently affixed paper" means it was glued to the wall somewhere. The internet search also said the data plate could be on the inside door of a cupboard or closet.

As I said, that house was spotlessly clean. I would just bet that sometime over the last 30 years they have been in this place, the lady removed the data plate and tossed it into the trash. If it weren't printed on acid free paper, it would probably be yellowed and the ink beyond reading.

Data plates became a federal requirement on June 15, 1976. If these folks bought the place from someone else- it is entirely possible that it was manufactured BEFORE data plates were required. One would think that the bank could send out an inspector of some sort to LOOK at the place and see that it is not going anywhere. They could see that it is in better shape than many 30 year old 'stick built' homes. But no. Without the data plate, they won't make a loan on the place unless the buyers pay 25% down.

The modular homes are considered "portable". We might just haul it away somewhere and where would that leave the bank? LOL.

Scratch this house. This time Mr C is the one upset.


Mom said...

Hi good morning...looks to me like these people should have 'some kind of paperwork' with that information on it..the papers when they bought the place, etc. Or do another 'walk thru' request..and be on the lookout yourself in all the hidey places like behind the hot water heater, in the furnace, I said 'go down fighting'. Call a few more banks and maybe one will have the sense to send someone 'out', maybe even one that will think it is a 'real house' like you did at first. Meanwhile, have a good day. Moo.chas smoo.chas

truth said...

Sorry. That sucks.