Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attack of the Panic

I woke up from bad dreams this morning, shaking. Can't begin to remember what they were about- probably something stupid. (A few days ago I dreamed that I was telling someone that I just don't understand the tattoo phenomena... the WHY of getting a tattoo. The person in my dream asked why *I* had gotten a tattoo. I told them I don't have one... and the pointed to my left bicep, where, by golly, I did have a tattoo. It was so strange, I didn't remember getting one... yet there it was. I went and put on my green O'reilly's work shirt... and sure enough, a bit of the design of the tattoo was visible below the sleeve.... very strange! I woke up... and double-checked my arm- the dream had seemed so real!)

Anyway, whatever it was I was nightmaring about this morning, I woke in a sweat and shaking. My heart racing- I feel like I am having a major panic attack... which I haven't had to this degree in many years. I got up and sat still on the couch for awhile trying to calm myself. After 15 minutes, I was still shaking, and felt like my heart was racing. I got up and took my blood pressure- 185/98. Pulse 105. That's high for me. I sat and rested some more, and came down to 169/91, pulse 101. I sat awhile longer, then decided to take a shower before the day hits full swing. After the shower, I was at 145 over 89... which is slightly high, but much better. My pulse was back up to 104.

I have a feeling I just can't seem to shake off of something really bad happening this morning- yet as far as I know, everything is as well as I could hope in my little bit of the world. With my heart racing so much, I am almost afraid to even have my tea, lest caffeine aggravate the heart rate further.

Chill, Tammy.

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truth said...

Could your blood pressure have been high which caused a nightmare????