Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cooking is an art, baking is SCIENCE

Dan had a miserable failure at bananananananananana (gosh it is hard to stop those nanananananans when you get going) bread. He accidentally added two cups of brown sugar instead of one. He got gooey lumps of bananananana flavored chewy stuff. Not saleable, for sure. We made a quick trip to town, and got stuff for another try... plus some pumpkin for pumpkin bread, and a chocolate cake mix for some cupcakes.

So we had a science fair demo... what happens when you don't add exactly the right amount of the right ingredients when baking. I hope we don't have any more tasty failures!


Grandma said...

A valuable lesson he will carry for life and so very true !!! That is why I use mixes haha ...BC and DH ..thase famous cake mix people have that science down !! Of course that only goes for cake...on the banananananana bread (or pumpkin or zuchinni) you have to go from scratch ..your recipe is the best! Don't give up Dan...just read more carefully from now on.

Becky said...

I could donate some bananananananananas to the cause. I have meant to make banananananana bread for about 2 weeks now. I think the banananananas are about past using by now though.

grandma said...

Becky...next time just throw them in the freezer...peel and all...they will be 'ready' when you want to make the bread..instead of ruined.