Friday, September 4, 2009


That's what my blood pressure was Wednesday morning. It stayed right up there all morning, lowest being 150/95. So I called the doc, and went to an appointment at 1:30. By 3:00 I was ensconced in a hospital bed and monitored up for a 24 hour observation. During my stay, I had nitroglycerin patches pasted to my thigh, blood taken at four hour intervals, and an IV port installed..." just in case". Yesterday afternoon, they did a stress test.

All of my tests came back negative- except the stress test indicated I "may" have a weak heart, it's output is 48% of capacity, and they expect it to be at least 60% in a woman of my age. They want to run another test, a sonogram. What they can do about a 'weak' heart, I don't know and didn't think to ask. The nitro gives one a horrid headache, which sort of precludes thinking.

The Docs believe the High BP is due to the Claritin D. So I have to find some other way to deal with the ragweed issues. They want me back on BP meds... though if I am off of Claritin D and my high BP is caused by that... then it ought to go back to normal without the medication, I would think. I am keeping an eye on it, and do have the prescription.

It was good to be home in my own beddy-bye last night. I slept quite soundly. Now, it is another work weekend... and a long one at that! I have to work all day Monday- the regulars get a paid day off, so it will be the boss and I. He doesn't expect it to be busy. No one will waste labor day weekend working on their cars unless they must, and it is supposed to rain all weekend.

Have a blessed day!


Mom said...

I'm just glad you are home and ok..I was on pins and heart wanting to run up there and my mind saying to wait it out. Be sure to follow up with the other test(s). Have you tried honey, honey for the allergies? Just crossed my mind as I was putting mine in my tea. It is said it has to come from the area you are in. Worth a try.. sure won't hurt any. I know you can't use my remedy which is to stay closed up in the air conitioned house for the whole season with fresh high effeciency filters in place.

Becky said...

I would think that regular excersize would help with making your heart stronger. I know you don't love to excersize, but I plan on you being around for awhile, so hop to it! Oh wait, you are MY mom, I can't boss you around.

truth said...

Sorry you have to work this weekend, but glad to hear your tests came back pretty good.

Can you just take Claritin without the D? It's the decongestant that messes with the heart.