Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Much Going On...


I was quite busy at work all weekend- I worked full shift all three days and still didn't get finished re-setting the displays from Summer to Fall.
There was plenty to do locally for entertainment. The "Tired Iron of the Ozarks" had their semi annual tractor show. Noel, MO, had a chili cookoff. Highfill had their annual "Hay Daze" with a car show and a beauty pageant, as well as the regular carnival type stuff. Too bad I didn't get off early!

Mr C had to take Dan and Sam for new shoes. Sam was walking around with the sole of one boot flapping off. Dan's were just starting to come off his sneakers.

After six or seven people have asked me "Are you on Facebook?"... I finally signed up. Going with Mr C's long standing warning, I didn't put in my last name, but used my maiden name. Funny that I am now "friends" with my niece who has the same name. One person I went to High School with had also been looking for me. She was a neighbor- and we have the same first name. As it turns out- thirty years later- we also have daughters with the same first name. I have been "talking" to several of my cousins through Facebook, and even my Mom's cousin Ruth is on there.

I haven't pushed the plan to go to Dad's next week, but will be bringing it up again later this week. (After payday ought to be a good time to do that, LOL). If I get sent home early enough on Sunday, I will head down that day. That way I will have a full day to visit, instead of just a few hours Monday evening and an hour or so Tuesday morning. (It is a six hour drive).

May you have a blessed day. Thanks for reading!

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Laurie said...

I don't know your maiden name, so look me up on Facebook! Thanks!