Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my newest cows

I am back from my trip to East Texas, where I had a good visit with my Aunt and Uncle from California, plus both of my parents and their spouses. (Now that is a funny sounding statement!) While there, My Mom got me a new camera- for my birthday! (Even though it is nearly a month until then). Thank you Mommy! I also acquired two new cookie jars for my collection.

The boys and I had an interesting drive back- through heavy fog over winding, wet, mountain roads. We stopped and had lunch at Papa Poblano's in Broken Bow. While their bathrooms are beautifully tiled... they do lack size. Seriously. The women's bathroom has two stalls and a sink. The door opens inward to the room, blocking access to the stalls while it is open. The entering person has to stand in the sink cubby area to shut the door. I was in the sink cubby area when two younger women came in. There is barely room for two in the cubby- I had to suck it in and squeeze out past those two, who had trapped another woman in the stall area. A pregnant or really large woman would just not be able to potty at Papa's. There is definitly not room for four in there, LOL.

Have a blessed day!


Becky said...

Yay for a new camera! I need a new camera battery. I like the girl cookie jar. It could be the statue of Becky.

Mom said...

I best remember to plan my visit to Papa Pablano's accordingly and go before I go!!! Hard to believe reunion time is here already...we will be in Broken Bow next Thursday. ... I sure wish you could have made it this year and Becky too!!