Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I let them go...

Daniel and Sam went with one of our neighbors to Silver Dollar City in Branson today. I felt somewhat better after talking to the neighbor this morning. Ben and the twins have worked for this fellow for months, doing yard work and such. He and his family buy season passes every year to SDC, and are given a number of free guest passes. The season ends this weekend, and it was use or lose the passes. It was sweet of him to think of the boys. And they are thrilled to get to go.

He said that once they are inside the gates, he is turning them loose, and will meet up with them at appointed times and places, otherwise they are on their own. The park is less crowded at this time of year, especially during the week. So they will have a great time, I'm sure.

(Am I convincing enough to myself yet?)

Matthew is getting free TV time. He is totally vegged out. I ought to be cleaning, but here I sit instead. We did get the place tidied up considerably yesterday. It is just sooo quiet here.

I just realized, since Tom and Ben are working, once Matt goes home- I will be all alone this afternoon. It has been awhile since that has happened!

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Mom said...

I bet they have a grand's hard to let go especially when you don't know the people so well but they are just about all grown up and it was very nice of them to think of the boys. I'm glad they got to go. Hope they had good weather...the rain wrapped back around and got us again today...not heavy as before..and we did pray for it!