Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here it is, after Labor Day...

I was sure hoping we would have our own place by now, where we could have everyone up for Thanksgiving. Unless the Lord moves quickly, we will be right here.
I told Tom last night I ought to be preparing a place to bring the tree inside, or taking it over to Laurie... if her new home is ready for it. He pouted and asked if I was giving our tree away?

(Who is this man, and what has he done with my husband? Tome NEVER pouts. He also never spends time in hospitals, visiting. But he was there ALL day Thursday, from 7:00 am until after I was dismissed after 7:30pm.)

Matt came in asleep this morning- the first morning he has gone back to sleep after being dropped off, since well before he went to his grandparents house for the summer. He is still snoozing. I have to get to town today and get Gavin's birthday present and get it in the mail. I ordered something for Amber... and had a couple of things here for her I need to mail. The gift I ordered went on "backorder" and may not arrive until the end of October... GRRR! I want Gavin's stuff to be on time... and didn't get it done earlier... I let September sneak right up on me. (Send me pics of the party, S!)

Well, time for me to get off of here and let the boys do their schoolwork!
Have a blessed day!


Mom said...

HMMMMMMMM maybe this fellow that took T s place will find a nice house and ten acres to move to while he is in charge. tee hee

Anonymous said...

I will send bunch of pics soon, prob just load them on shutterfly.
Miss you bunches.