Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yeah, again...

We went to see two houses this evening after I got off work. The first one was a 'real' house. It had a new roof and carport, and new carpet and paneling. Someone took some money and effort into making the place look nice.

The effects were lost on stepping out the back door, stumbling over the rotted wooden step and coming close to pitching into the open septic pit.
It was overgrown with weeds, full of water and mosquitoes.
Inside, had the owner bothered to MOP the vinyl flooring, it would have gone a long way to making me like the place. As it was, not so much.
The laundry hookups were in the bathroom, where I found a beautifully paneled box in the corner. This could only be the hot water heater. But... where is the access? how does one turn the hot water heater up, or down, or off? There was NO ACCESS. (We looked). In this beautifully paneled bathroom stood an old plywood vanity, with a very cracked, stained countertop, and a chipped, stained, blemished sink. Come on folks, you spend all that $$ on panelling and carpet, and you won't spend the $100 (or less) for new formica and a cheap sink?
This house had neighbors hard pressed on both sides. On the carport side was a yippy yappy dog that barked the entire time we were there. Pretty much crossed it off the list.

Our second house was a doublewide on 1.2 acres. In the woods. The neighbors are fairly close, but not "right there" as they are in the first house. (More like what we have here in this rental). It was less than half the asking price of the first house, and the place was HUGE. The SMALLEST of the 4 bedrooms was larger than the biggest bedroom here. The master bedroom was easily as large as the entire living room where we now live.
Carpet was burgundy, but at least it would match my curtains, LOL. This house was nestled into the woods. It has potential, due to the size and price. Also, no one has made an offer on it, and it has been vacant at LEAST since May. So, we might consider offering them less on it. We will see. I'm sure not getting my hopes up at this point!

At work, I finished resetting the 24 ft. section of the truck and towing plan-o-grams. It really did take me all weekend.
I think summer is shouting its last hurrah here today- it was close to 90*! The high tomorrow is only 70, and stays thereabout for the next week. The coming week brings my brother Roger's birthday! and my Mom's birthday. The 7th, Ben Jamin will be 21! TWENTY ONE! My middle child is going to be officially grown up. (Send him lots of cards, folks- email me if you need the address!)

Hope you have a blessed, wonderful day!

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Mom said...

Hope I don't forget Ben's get it there 'on time' I will have to mail the day we get home from the reunion..better write myself a sticky note. We went to OKC last night to see ykw's son on the big truck..they were going thru to New Mexico..visited a couple of hours and headed back so I am tired this he is too I didn't drive. Hope you do find a place this round...ttyl