Thursday, September 17, 2009


The boys arrived home last night safe and sound and absolutely bubbling. The neighbor that had taken them to Silver Dollar City had gone in the gates with them, set up a meeting point for closing time, and then went off to do his own thing.

I had insisted that one of my older boys go along... and he stuck with Daniel and Sam all day. They rode roller coasters... multiple times. If there is a perfect time to go to a theme park, it is during the middle of the week after school has started. There were virtually no lines. Chris chose lunch, something the twins hadn't tried before: Indian Tacos.

They visited a cave, and rode a train that was "held up".

I wish I had had a camera to send along, or thought to get a disposable one. Chris has described the boys faces as they experienced their first roller coasters. With no lines... they were taken off guard (even Chris) by a roller coaster that reaches 60 MPH in 2.5 seconds. They rode an indoor coaster that is in the dark.

The neighbor and Chris told us that the twins fell asleep on the ride home. I am so glad they got to go. It did Chris a world of good to get out and do something other than mull his problems. It encouraged him, gave him a new "center" to get him through the coming times. We had prayed together before he left, for God to give him HIS peace. I believe it sank into him like a slow rain into parched ground.

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truth said...

Ah, so glad it went so well and fun was had by all.