Monday, September 7, 2009

Just work work and more work... is that why it is called LABOR day?

I was sent home early both Saturday and Sunday, and was scheduled for 7:30 to noon today. I was sent home at 10:30 today. I am asked to work Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 7, and come in early on Friday. So I ought to be making back up the hours that I was sent home.

While my BP has remained in the good to great range, I have still been having anxiety attacks. On the upside, so far the ragweed hasn't gotten to me as much as in years past.

Sam and I have had a couple of head buttings over school work. Like Chris used to do... Sam rushes through his worksheets without benefit of reading the directions. I re-printed the worksheets and had to physically restrain him from writing on them as I went over the directions with him. He already had it in his mind what he was supposed to do. After he marked the first answer incorrectly on the second reprint, Tom backed me up and we made Sam re-read and interpret the instructions. He was making an easy task much harder than it was.

I stopped by the local grocery store before heading home from work today... they are still the best place to buy meat around here. I happened in shortly after they marked down the unsold fresh meat from the weekend... and got five packages of ground beef at half price. I also got one of their 5/$25 deals. Tonite we are having fajitas... I had several huge bell peppers wasting in the fridge. Ben got them last week at .79 each. I am thinking I will have spanish rice with the fajitas... or maybe ranchies. (Ranch Style (brand) Beans).

For now: the house is caught up, the school work is nearly finished, I'm back from the work weekend... no Matthew. I am thinking of having myself a nap!

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Mom said...

A nap sounds like a very good idea!! You may need it before the week is done. love you muchas.