Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nice Surprise

When Wanda picked up Matthew yesterday, she told me it was the last day I was going to have him until after Becky's baby is born. Since we didn't know the exact day Baby is arriving, Wanda's Mom is coming to Arkansas to look after him. They went ahead and set it up now, as Matthew is going to Oklahoma City tomorrow (Friday) to see Thomas the Tank Engine. His Gramma is meeting him there, then riding home with him.

So, I am unexpectedly at loose ends. Wanda also mentioned to me that she figured Tom and I might want to be doing something during the 2 weeks he has off in October.


I had no clue Tom was taking 2 weeks of vacation in October. He SAYS he told me.

I knew he was going to Ohio for a long weekend, to see a game at the stadium with his brother. The game is on the 10th... so Becky and I are pretty sure that is the day she will go into labor. The one day all month that Dad won't be able to come down! Just as well, since he is pretty freaky about his little girl having a home birth. Never mind that *I* had babies at home- this is his Little Girl!
He knows I will be heading down as soon as I hear she is in labor. (Guess I ought to start taking my cell phone in to work with me, LOL)

Meanwhile, Benjamin has a "big" birthday coming up. He is going to be 21! I am thinking he needs a set of tools to work on his truck. Even though he has yet to buy said truck.

Guess that is all for now. Have a great day!

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Mom said...

Well if'n your ends gets too loose you can always come see your MOMMY...and if Becky calls you wil already be halfways there.