Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scrambled brains, anyone?

I think my brain is fried. I can't seem to stay on task for the simplest things... maybe not 'fried', but certainly full of ragweed induced soup.
Couple that with just flat out busyness... We have school in the mornings... and have to be pretty much 'done' by the time Mr C gets home for his lunch. He turns on talk radio, and the boys cannot concentrate on lessons with the radio on. They get too involved in what is going on. We try to finish up in the early afternoons, and then Matthew heads home by 2:45.
This week, I am working 3:00 to 7:00 today and tomorrow, at Oreilly's. I am supposed to be in Friday morning, ASAP after the appointment at 9:00., I work until 7:00 pm that day too. Saturday and Sunday, I am scheduled 8:00 to 5 and 9:00 to 4. I usually get sent home on Sundays, just because it is slow. Boss is still talking about just taking me off Sundays all together.

Tonight, the guys are having stuffed bell peppers. I may have Sonic, myself. Or see what the grocery store deli offers. In all liklihood, I will have "stuffed", minus the bell pepper. (That's plain old meatloaf!) But I am just that nice of a Mom to fix the guys their bell peppers... (YUCK!). The peppers are on sale, and if I have been asked once in the last week, I have been asked a dozen times, can we have stuffed bell peppers for supper?

Tomorrow night will be pork roast with sauerkraut. I know that, not because of my menu's being planned in advance (which they seldom to never are!), but because I put the pork roast out to thaw before I promised the stuffed peppers and put out the hamburger to thaw. (Both are slow defrosting in the fridge). The pork roast will take longer to thaw, so I can hold it an extra day. So the pork and kraut are a byproduct of my allergy addled brain.

Those little yellow chlortabs have helped me get through the nights, even though I am up every four hours for another one. But they make me soooo sleeeeeeepy.... snzzzz

I can't take them during the day.

Just a couple more days until my Uncle Doug and Aunt Lenny head for Texas from California. I am hoping to get down to see them while they are there, but not holding my breath on that. Maybe the extra hours I am putting in this week will make up for part of the income I missed while August was happening.

have a blessed day! I have to get off here and unplug the phone lines, a storm is moving in!

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Mom said...

I just don't understand how I have a 'kid' that doesn't like green bell peppers .....hmmmmm I will eat them but they have never been a 'fave food' here either. BS is suppose to be taken back to Keller today..hope so...Dallas is just too far and crowded for me to go visit. I really feel bad I haven't been to see her the whole month she has been there. U sas where the storms looked like they were coming right across ya!