Thursday, April 1, 2010

April's fool

as I headed out the door this morning, Mr C told me beware of prankers. I am working myself to a frazzle when the boss comes in. With a look of total surprise, he asks me what I am doing there?
I WORK here, remember?
But you are supposed to be at a class this morning... didn't you check the schedule?
"Uh, no. MY schedule is Tues- Sat., 5:30 til I'm finished. WHY would I check the schedule? What sort of a class is it and where is it being held?"

"Oh, you don't have to go. it's too late now. April's fool!"

He got several of my co-workers with the same joke.

I got a couple of them. Thursdays are oil delivery days. We get in an extra two pallets full of oil. After I got the regular freight put away, I am slaving away at checking the oil in. The older guy who works with us, John (the driver) arrived. He asked how I was doing. I said, "Fine, but I really think all this lifting is too much for an old pregnant lady!"

Jeff says, "WHAT!!!... Oh, it's April fools". So he and John had a chuckle over it. Tim comes back and says "oh, so you are pregnant? whose baby is it?"
I said, "DUH ! It's MINE!"

So we had a little laugh over that. Then Vanessa came in. I repeated the pregnancy bit.

She was so excited for me! she went out and told the guys... who already knew I was joking. She came back a few minutes later and says, "oh you got me! you got me. it's April fools. I was so excited about that for a few minutes there."

But I've used that little joke too many times, and the entire family knows my oven has been removed... so I suppose I better think of something else to "get them" with.

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