Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earthday Birthday

Tomorrow is my #4 son Tommy's 20th birthday. Which means, 20 years ago tonight, Tom and I were cleaning up after a raging stomach virus hit the family. Here is a link to Tommy's Birth Story

He has been moved away for almost two years now, living in West Texas and learning a trade. He may decide to go to college soon, or join the Air Force. He is still praying for God to bring forth his wife... He has been praying diligently to meet her (whoever she may be) for a number of years now.

Our "nest" is emptying out. At the moment, Benjamin and the twins are the only children we have left at home, and Ben is actively planning to move out. Tom and I always wish we could have done MORE with our kids; given them more, done more things with them, offered them more fun and exciting things growing up.

At the Library Volunteer Reception last night, I stayed in the car, unaware I was welcome to have attended. Dan and Sam went in. They met a 16 or 17 year old boy and chatted with him. Also at their table was a recent transplant from Boston. This woman questioned Dan and Sam about college, after learning they are home schooled. Dan said he had never given college much thought, but would probably really lean towards a Culinary school (My 13 year old son kid said CULINARY SCHOOL!). Sam said he would prefer to learn a trade, such as Mechanics, than go to college.

I guess I should have prepared them for such questions. The woman looked askance at home schooling... they could have told her that many Ivy League schools actively seek out home schoolers! I think they did just fine, comporting themselves as gentlemen in a crowd of mostly adults. Making their way in an adult world.

I still haven't started sewing. That had been my plan for this week.. I am just so wiped out. Eight+ hours on a concrete floor just saps my energy. This week, I did clean up the laundry pit room. I can now access the craft box and the big box of sewing materials that has been in the bottom of the closet in there. So I AM a step closer.

I got Tommy's birthday card and gift sent off today, as well as Bill's. Tommy's will take a bit longer arriving than if I had mailed it a few days ago... but Bill's will arrive a whole week early.

That's about all for now. I either need to take a nap or clean the kitchen... and nap looks like it is winning!

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