Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Above is my tree. Or Laurie's tree. Do you want it, Laurie? If not, I think I will try trimming it back.

I woke up this morning with Mr C soundly snoozing beside me. He is always up WAY early, most mornings before 4 am. I looked at the clock... and it was 5:11.
Holy smokes, Batman!
I have to be AT WORK at 5:30.
I jumped into my jeans, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, ran thru the house in my brazil looking for my work shirt... grabbed the cup of hot tea that Tom nuked for me, and ran out the front door.
To discover that Ben is parked directly behind me, and I am directly behind the van. No wiggle room. Tom tossed me his keys, but it took a couple minutes finagling to get all my needed keys off my key ring. I was two minutes late.
Thankfully, it was a light day.
I come home to all the boys battling one another on the computers. School work is not even started, and the twins are arguing about a game strategy. The game has been over for half an hour and they are still yelling at one another. I assume they lost to Ben.
I set out some round steaks for supper. I am assuming they are the "tenderized" type, and I can make chicken fried steaks. (Mashed taters and gravy, green beans ... mmmmm). I haven't decided which cleaning project to tackle today. So much to choose from!
Mr C did get the time off in June! Yay. He still isn't thrilled about going to the reunion. I need to see if I can get the time off now.
Not much 'new' going on. I got my little 'miniature' rose bush planted outside. I have had it indoors for a number of years, during the winters, and on the porch the rest of the year. I decided it could join the two regular rose bushes I got on clearance a couple of weeks ago. Did I mention that we got some petunias a few days ago, and the boys put them into my hanging baskets and planters? This planter has already been dumped over once. Looks like the flowers will survive!

And I got my hummingbird feeder filled, and have already seen several hummingbirds.

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Laurie said...

Sure! I'm still up to taking the tree. Just let me know.