Monday, April 5, 2010

What does it mean if you dream repeatedly of cars?

Last night my sleep was full of bizarre dreams, many involving cars. In one, Tom and I were needing to go somewhere. It was pouring rain, and water had puddled some 10" deep around the porch. So Tom tossed the car keys to Sam and he was going to back the car up, and then we would leap over the puddle and get in the car. (Riiiight)

Sam runs for the driver's door, Dan leaps into the passenger seat of our cobalt blue Mustang. (looked just like Wanda's!) Sam started trying to back up, but the mud wasn't giving him enough traction. He gunned the engine, the traction caught... and he and Dan went racing backwards down the driveway, across the road, and plowed so severely into our mailbox that the car was literally split into two halves lengthwise. The halves fell over in opposite directions.. and I woke up in my struggles to run to the car and check on the boys.

In another dream, we had pulled into a very crowded mall parking lot. Dan and Sam saw their friend Grant Imehara (the guy from Mythbusters... he was their friend in the dream). They offered to go wash and detail his vehicle, and gas it up. Grant tossed them the keys. (riiiight!) I was apprehensive, knowing the guys didn't even have driver's licenses. They were having to drive in a crowded mall parking lot. The instant Sam had backed out of the spot, before he could even put the car into Drive, two other cars tried cutting around him from opposite directions to snag Grant's parking spot. The two cars crashed into one another, and as the women got out to scream at one another, someone else in a tiny hybrid went around both of them and snagged the space.

In yet another dream, I was driving a brand new big Dodge Ram truck that belonged to my DIL Glynna's folks. I had both Glenn and Lynn, as well as Glynna and Nickole in the truck. The roads were slick and foggy. I had taken them on an errand someplace, and started up the road again, when Glynna tells me of another errand in the opposite direction. So I did a left turn to make a triangular intersection. I creased the side of an old sedan that had been restored and painted beautifully. (Like someone with a car like that is going to park it on the street!) I just kept going. Glenn said the truck would be fine, as it was the oversized deer guard that had scraped down the side of the car.

Next, I was in California, where I was cast in a commercial with my cousin Dan. He had gotten me the job because they needed a fat woman to talk about some store's back to school supplies. I sat through one run of the commercial and told the director it was stupid and inane and was no way to sell pencils. Dan was freaking out, as apparently one should NOT talk to a director in that manner and he had gotten me the job.

Is it any wonder I wake up tired instead of refreshed? Between the weird dreams and the hot flashes short, private tropical vacations, I am awake half a dozen times a night. I am not taking any medications that I can blame the dreams on, nothing at all. I have had bizarre dreams with NO wine, with white wine, and with red wine drinking. Doesn't seem to make a difference.

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truth said...

Maybe it means a new car is in your future? Or that you seriously need more sleep-or at least better sleep.