Monday, April 12, 2010


Today, Dan and Sam are here at the library volunteering. This is Monday, early in the day. Their normal volunteer time is Thursday afternoon, as that was a time I did not have Matt and after I was off work at O'Reilly's. I am off on Mondays. Totally. No Matt, no O'Reilly's. Kind of feels funny.

Mr. C and I made a quick trip to Jane, MO., yesterday. I was out of AB and wanted some weed killer and mulch for around my rose bushes. We got the AB and the weed killer. But getting the mulch required stepping outside the garden center... so it got postponed. Oh well, that will give the weed killer a chance to work before I bury them in mulch.

Yesterday and today have both been beautiful days. Mid 70*'s, sunny, and slightly breezy. We did another "Spring cleaning" of the front room. this time, all the plants got to go out to the front porch. We discovered that the big tree had split the container beneath it, which was there to catch the water. Water had been puddling beneath the container... very bad for the floor! (The tree was behind the TV, and was a chore to even get the water into the pot.) Tree is now out on the porch, where it usually sits from Spring until first frost. I am either going to have to trim Tree back severely, or borrow Ben's truck and drive it over to Laurie... provided she and Andrew still want to give it a home. It is taller than our ceiling, and has been getting its branches scrunched. I have one of it's babies growing well in another pot.

It is also time for me to repot and/or divide a couple of other plants. They are just too full for their pots. They are the same type of green leafy plant... both were sent to us by the same family friend after funerals. One I have had for almost 12 years, the other for three or four.

Gosh. Just another 10 days until my #4 son turns 20 years old. I have no idea what he needs, or even wants, for his birthday. Clue me in Tommy/Stan.

Hope everyone has a blessed day! Happy Spring!

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