Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Me and my big mouth....

I got to work this morning right on time. The computer was acting buggy and I had to manually check in my special order freight, as I couldn't get the reports to generate. Once I had the Special Orders received, I tried again on the reports. No Luck.

Then I discovered the computer system wasn't going to let me check in ANY of my freight. At that point, I called Boss Man. Yep, at 6:00 am. He said he would be along soon. He didn't show up til his regular time, about 7:15. So, instead of cooling my heels doing nothing, I put up hoses in the back room. I had been falsely accused of dumping the hoses in the floor, and not putting away belts and hoses... leaving them for others to deal with. I know the culprit isn't me... but lacking anything to do, I put them all away. Then I filled the oil racks and antifreeze, and the window washes.

Boss finally arrived. He called corporate headquarters, and learned our whole system was down. No one could check in freight. Boss asked if I could stay "all day" if necessary. I said sure.

So he set me to work on a major planogram reset. After doing a section, (the second of six, the first section having been completed already) the computer was back up. I received in my freight and got started putting it away. By the time I had put up half the freight, it was "lunch time". Lunch comes early when you clock in at 5:30 in the morning. After lunch, I finished putting away freight and got the shipping done.

Boss told me my co-worker Vanessa is on vacation this week, and asked if I could work all day, all this week. I agreed to it! I figure the extra income will come in handy as we prepare for the camping trip in June.

I'm home, worn to a frazzle, and still have a big evening ahead. Tonight, Daniel and Sam have been invited to be honored as Library Volunteers. They will get an award and refreshments.

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