Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday again

Daniel and Sam are volunteering at the library this morning. Tomorrow, they will be back in the evening for a Library Volunteer Reception. Then, other plans will have them fairly busy the rest of the week.

My step Mom, Kathie, has sent me several patterns for making clothes for the grandkids. When I spoke to her last night, she told me she is sending even more patterns! I guess I ought to get busy sewing. Yesterday, I was in Atwoods farm and ranch store. That is about the only place one can find jeans to fit my boys, who are long legged and skinny. While there, I was sucked into the vortex of adorable baby clothes. I told the twins I was totally stealing the idea of one of the little outfits. It was a baby girl diaper cover (like little bloomers) made of denim! It had a ruffle sewn across the rump, made of the red paisley scarf material... and a little faux pocket painted on. I was not about to pay $19.95 for a scrap of denim smaller than my purse.

Another totally (squee!) idea I saw... the little baby crawler suits (like footy pajamas) had the feet part as cloth cowboy boots. The top was designed to look like a western shirt. (and $40!, sorry, grandbabies, I don't even spend that much on MY clothes!) next time, I will have to be sure and take my camera along.

Mr. C and I have been looking at routes to Cumberland Falls in Kentucky. The northern route takes 12 hours and 13 minutes, and takes us through St. Louis, MO., before heading down through KY. The southern route takes us down through Little Rock, AR., before cutting north through Tennessee. It takes 12 hours and 11 minutes. Then there is the more "direct" route, taking us 'straight' across southern Missouri and into KY. It is some 60 miles less in distance than the other routes, but a good 13 hours and 25 minutes. It goes through every little town and up and down the scenic hills and byways. I think we have decided on the southern route, through Little Rock. It just seems counter-intuitive to drive 4 hours south to reach a destination that is almost due east as the crow flies. But such is the joy of driving the Interstate.

I have also begun my endless lists of things to do, things to pack, things to remember. Any time I leave a list up on the computer... I come back and find added to it, "... and two hard boiled eggs", which is from one of Marx Brothers' movies. I think Mr C has decided we will take the van, just because it is more comfortable to travel in than two small cars, especially if we end up having to take the TSD. I am hoping I can pay a friend to look after them while we are gone, if Ben is already moved away by then.

Well, I suppose that is all the news fit to print here. I hope you have a very blessed day.

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