Sunday, April 4, 2010

Maybe we will... maybe we won't

Mr C had firmly decided he was NOT going to the family reunion on his Mom's side of the family. (The Michael reunion, June 13-16th, Cumberland Falls state Park in Kentucky.)
Neither his Mom nor his brother could persuade him to attend.

I mentioned to Becky that the answer was a final, resounding "NO!".
She expressed disappointment, as she was hoping to go with us so her Grandma could meet Kimber Ann.

Mr C heard me telling her... and decided that just maybe he could TRY to get off work. June is a popular vacation month, and since he didn't bid the time off, he may not be able to get it. So as soon as he finds out if HE can get off, I can see about ME getting off.... and making reservations and stuff like that.

DS#2, Bill, and his wife are discussing the possibility of them attending as well. I know not to be getting all excited about going... as the probability of NOT going far outweighs the possibility of attending at this point.

The place has rafting trips, horseback riding, hiking trails, and a waterfall called the Little Niagra. The waterfall has a "moonbow" that can be seen on full moon nights, which does NOT occur while we are there. The Park Info.

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Becky said...

ah, the power of an LG. :)
Of course it might be cute grandbabies more than LG anymore.