Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little every day...

So much dirt and clutter just seems to creep up on me. I get busy running errands, tire out by early afternoon. If I am not on a task before 2:00, chances are I am not going to do it today.

So today I had Sam clean out one fridge, while Dan scrubbed the upholstery of the couches. Between the pre-school boy I was keeping, the two stupid dogs, and the teen boys around here, the furniture was looking grubby. Ben purchase a can of upholstery cleaner for his truck awhile back. I requisitioned the rest of the can for the furniture, since the sudsy water just wasn't doing an adequate job. I got my bathroom sanitized.

I have the inside of the buffet to clear out... probably a section at a time! It has school work tools stored in it, some from when we first moved into this house! I doubt Becky will want to hang on to the workbooks and such until Ty is in 3rd or 4th grade, so if anyone knows someone who needs some home school workbooks and such, let me know! The regular bookshelf is a catch all. It has our current school work, extra paper for the printer, the DVD collection, books, photo's, my cookie jar collection... It needs pared down!

The boys clothes need to be gone through. Find out what they have and what they need. I suspect all the menfolk are in need of new unmentionables. Daniel and Sam continue to grow up faster than we can buy pants that fit them. At least their feet seem to have slowed down a bit.

Today I did a fairly quick job at work, for the glitches I ran into. I was off in just under 5 hours. Looks like my average time is about 4.75 hours a day. Tomorrow "should" be a light day. Tuesdays are always heavy, as I have all the freight come in ordered Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Thursdays are heavy due to the oil coming in. The other three days are usually not too bad.

Guess I am either going to have to go have a cup of tea, or a nap! Yawn! The 2:30's have hit me!
Have a blessed day!

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