Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ahhhh, Shiny Floors!


Gotta love freshly stripped and rewaxed floors. Can't you just smell the polyurethane?
The red squares are where the rolling shelving units of merchandise, and stacks of boxes of bulk items go.

This is how the back room looks during the waxing. I enter through the green door. The other three pictures are of my work station. Yikes.
I was claustrophobic. I fretted... how would I get out if I were standing (____) and if a fire broke out? There were narrow rat paths among the merchandise through the entire back area. My work station area is uncluttered by comparison!

Before I could begin to put away merchandise after checking it in, I had to get started wheeling out the displays. I couldn't get my narrow cart out of the back room until I did! So I got things started. The boss came in and said good morning. He was a bit early and I didn't hear him enter. I was so startled I thought my heart was stopping!

To add challenge to the already busy day of re-setting the store, we had two co-workers fail to show up. It is presumed they have quit, without notice. This means that for the time being, starting Wednesday, I will be back on the front counter. I will be full time, for a couple of weeks, as new people are hired and trained. Instead of arriving at 5:30 to just do the freight, I will be going in at 7:30 and working freight as I can manage throughout the day. (Anyone know of a couple of people who need jobs?)

I got off just a little before noon today (Tuesday). The store looked good- all the empty areas refilled with the merchandise that belonged there, and the back room was once again in its normal, passable state. My shipping and receiving was done.

Then, back home to see if I can make the house look as good as the store.

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