Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

While we were gone on vacation, I had a couple of posts set to auto post. I really haven't been near a computer in 10 days. Sometimes, in Ohio, I can go to the library and check on things. This time, the Laurelville Library was undergoing renovations, and not open to the public.

Thank you to my co-workers Vanessa and David, who doggy sat the TSD. I picked them up today.

I don't know whether to start at the beginning of the trip and go forward, or at the return home and go back... or just hodge-podge.

We were amazed at the trip across Arkansas. I had no idea it had so many open, flat, farmland areas in the eastern part. We got to see Tennessee AND Kentucky in the daytime. We arrived at our campsite (pre-chosen via computer pictures and maps) at the Cumberland Falls State Park and Resort at dark-thirty. The camp site was 'sloped', according to the internet description. Sloped was a euphemism. We set up camp in the growing dark, under the land-light. We parked next to two huge gravel piles that were soon to be used to level some camp sites.... The area where Tom and I sat up our tent... I kept rolling into him all night. (Thank goodness he was on the downhill side, or I might of been flattened!) It was about 986.11 degrees out, and some 198% humidity.

We did choose the site next to where the RV campers started, which was also next to the bathroom/showers/laundry room/ store. So the spring closing doors to all these amenities slammed all night long with the ambiance of gunshots. The campers in the RV that was to be my BIL's site (the reason for our internet campsite choice) were up late.... and loud. Boisterous laughter, and the woman whose laugh sounded like a goat went on for many hours.

Many, MANY hours.

We had to shower before bed, because of the lack of air movement, high temperatures, and the humidity. It made sleeping almost bearable... except for the above mentioned noise.

Morning came, we were up before the sun. I made breakfast on the camp stove. The stove had a hammer set under the low end to help level it... but still the skillet slid to the south.


Over the 30" distance of the picnic table, the slope dropped more than an inch and a half. While I washed dishes in the 6" deep dishpan (where the water overflowed the dropped end and didn't cover the bottom of the high end) ... Tom and the kids hiked around the campgrounds.

The hike revealed that a family was leaving a site... at the top of the RV circle. A tent site. It was deeply shaded, relatively level... and HUGE by the campground standard of this park. It had a cliff drop off two sides, and a steeply sloped promontory off another side. The kids begged to see if we could transfer sites. The management was agreeable.

So we packed up camp and moved. My BIL and DH spoke... he was not bringing his RV after all. We had hoped he would transfer his site to the one next to our new camp site. Instead, he was allowed to camp WITH us. The folks who spent the first night beside us... poor Michigan folks. Their dog (Sophie) fell off the cliff in the wee hours of the night. After much screaming and yelling, Sophie was recovered, apparently not much the worse for her fall. (Off the 12' drop rather than the 40+' drop)

We didn't end up with photos of the cliffs.... I will have some pictures soon... at Moocrew2.

Tyrel was such an obedient (and well watched) little boy. He stayed far from the boundaries at the edge of camp! Dan and Sam had set up near the edge of the cliff... until we read about keeping our foodstuffs safe from BEARS! Then they moved their tent next to Tom's and mine. Becky had her and her kids' tent next to Uncle Buck's across the campfire from ours.

There was deep shade, and a breeze (part of the time) on the promontory. But there was also VERY high humidity, and close to 100* temperatures. We had a couple of heavy rainfalls that confined us to our tents. We visited the relatives that had air conditioned "cabins"... more like fancy apartments! for dinner one night.... and had an outdoor family gathering another.

The twins and Becky met cousins we had not seen since the twins 3rd birthday in 1999. The female cousin that is about the same age as Dan and Sam. She was not recognised by ANY of us! Whoo Hoo Mariah! I was informed I insulted her by mentioning "Michelin Man" legs... that she had (as Kimber does, (last time I saw her, some 20 months ago).

I will continue this later this week. Work begins again tomorrow.... then I take Becky and the kids home Saturday!

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