Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am home, as you may or may not have deduced from the pictures on yesterday's blog. I have had four grandkids here for two days now. My irritability level has been pretty high. It didn't help that we had a couple of my co-workers who were supposed to come to dinner tonight. The kids and I worked hard preparing the house and getting everything all fixed up. Then when I called to give them driving directions, as requested... I am told they decided not to come.

Now I have enough enchiladas made for a small army. Waaaay too many for just the eight of us. (Pretty sure I rolled at least 28-30 enchiladas!) I used the school cafeteria sized baking pan that I have had for almost 20 years... from the days I used to HAVE to cook in quantity. Oh well. At least they reheat well!)

I had a "Becky Moment" this morning as I left for work. My car has the kind of lights that come on automatically when it is dark enough. The lights were on. The interior lights come on as I put it into drive. Usually.
Not this morning. It was dark as could be as I headed up the road. What on earth was wrong?, I wondered.

I thought, maybe I blew a fuse. Other terrible problems began to race through my mind.
Then, it occurred to me that Becky and a couple of kids had sat out in the car last evening, so Becky could run the car for her cell phone to charge. Maybe someone messed with the settings?

Sure enough.... the interior light brightness control had been turned completely off! Whew!

Work went pretty well. I knocked out all the current and upcoming stock pulls, in addition to the normal shipping and receiving.
Grand baby Kimber has been "army crawling" across the floors. She can be so fast! She pulls to standing, and.... has decided she likes me! I have gone for a couple of "walks" with her. She likes the treadmill as well as she does an outdoor walk. She doesn't care if the scenery doesn't change. The treadmill motor has the hum of a car, and the walking motion seems to soothe her, even if we don't get anywhere. But, OH my aching back! Gotta get used to that extra weight hanging on my front!
Becky and I stopped and saw Chris on our way up here. It was nap time, and both Ty and Kimber were rather whiny. Kimber decided to scream. and scream. and scream. The other visitors ... sorry. So when the allotted time was up, and Chris had to leave, Becky and I stepped towards the elevator. You know what Kimber did?

Of course! she fell asleep!This picture was taken as we were getting back into the car for the drive to Arkansas. If I wasn't already on a diet... this picture would of put me on one1 But she is sooo sweet!

She traveled quite well.

That's about all I can think of for now! Have a blessed day!

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