Thursday, June 3, 2010


My Benny is on his way to his new life on his own. Daniel and Sam have let no time be wasted in taking over the 'extra' room. For the first time since conception, they are not sharing a room.

Mr C has been hard at work yesterday and today, fixing the van for our trip. Yep, right after telling me we will just have to take the 2 cars, because he isn't wasting his time working on the POG van. So it now has new plugs and wires, a new cap and rotor, and I got a new fuel filter for it at my boss's suggestion. Mr C wasn't thrilled with the boss making suggestions. Remains to see if it will be replaced or returned to the store.

My two 'hardest' days for this week are behind me, as far as physical labor on the job goes. Oil day was amazingly light. I attribute it to oil being $4.+ a quart. Just one pallet of freight and one pallet of oil. Ben had changed his oil before he left, and needed 2 more quarts. I brought them home to him yesterday. I remarked to my boss and co-workers about it being so expensive. One of them says to me: "Duh, guess you haven't heard about the oil spill in the gulf!"
I said, "Yes, I did hear about it. What puzzles me is why oil is more expensive if there is so much of it they can dump it into the ocean!"

I can hardly wait to go see Becky!

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