Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not Quite Back to Routine

Back here in Arkansas, the intrepid vacationers have been unpacking and doing laundry. Some of the camping items were not washed at Tom's mom's house... but sat in the bags they were crammed into, cooking in the heat, for a week. These bags were pretty rank, let me tell you.

At one point yesterday, we had the laundry just almost caught up. But I left a quilt and a couple of bath mats on the floor in front of the washer last night. Today... there are at least two loads to be washed in there. Like dirty dishes in the sink... one may be OK alone, but if you leave two of them unsupervised... you end up with a whole sink full before you know it. The house still looks great. Becky put a photographer's eye on it yesterday and it looks very nice.

Becky was hoping to see some friends up here before we head back to Texas. Somehow, we have run out of week. I know she is anxious to get home to her hubby. She and I and her babies will leave for Texas when I get off work Saturday. I am hoping for another really light day, as it was when I went to get her. Not a sneak attack Saturday that keeps me there until noon.

Today was "Oil Day". The boss is on vacation this week, and tempers were starting to flare between co-workers. I was a bit overwhelmed when I walked in to three pallets of freight- two of them higher than my head. In actual freight, I only had about 6 totes... and some of them had only a couple of items in them. So I was done by shortly after 9 this morning.

I still haven't been to the library. I really do have books to return! Maybe later today!

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