Tuesday, June 1, 2010


To my friends and family who are faithful to pray when I ask them to. I was lied to regarding the seriousness of my nephew's condition. He is going to be just fine- though he may have to be on an antibiotic regime for awhile on an unrelated issue.

I have no idea why my sister feels she has to lie to me. This is not the first blatant lie I have caught her in. I do thank you for your prayers, regardless of the lack of dire circumstances.

This is Library day. Dan and Sam are volunteering, probably for the last time this month.
Benjamin is at his final day at the Bentonville WalMart. He is packing tomorrow and will be moving away the following day. Sigh. My family is shrinking again.

I go to get Becky and the kids on Saturday. At least I get started that direction.
After conversing on Facebook, I may get to see a girl that Lalani and I were friends with back in Jr. High! She and her twin sister were among our closest neighbors growing up. I plan also to see Chris, and stay overnight with my mom. I head out to Becky's on Sunday morning, and we pass back through Ft Worth on Monday. I also hope to get to see my Granny when I pass through. After that... just four days of work until vacation!

Sure looks like we will be taking the two small cars instead of the van. That will be OK though.
Dan went through my pre-packed camping stuff yesterday. We made some notes on what we still lack, and Mr C then went to the storage unit and picked up some of the items stored there.

The weather is starting to get pretty warm here. One thing I DON'T miss about SW OK is the heat! I am already whining it is in the (low) 90's. Where we lived before, I would have been jumping for joy to reach June 1st and it "only" be in the low 90's!

That is about all from me here for now. Have a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

Shame on her for having lied but then again it goes to show just how many people love you.

Hope the moving and travels goes well and everyone is safe.