Friday, June 4, 2010

Easy Friday! or NOT!

Usually, Fridays and Saturdays are easy breezy freight days at my store. I am often home in 2 and a half or three hours.

I was shocked when I walked in the door at work this morning. Two HUGE pallets of freight. on one pallet, there were 21 totes. That is a square of 4 totes per layer, five layers high, and one with a sixth layer. And were they 'easy' totes, with only a couple of things in each one? NOOooooo! These were cram packed full of jillions of smaller items.

I had to stop checking the freight in TWICE to go put things away, to make room for sorting more freight. I started at 5: 35, and was still scanning items at 7:50. Then I had it all to put away. The boss had a co-worker helping me put things away when he arrived at 9:30. (Thank you, Lord!) It was just a few minutes shy of 11:00 when I finally got home.

When it was just the boss and I there, before the store opened, I kept hearing sirens headed north. More and more sirens. Police, ambulances, more police, maybe a fire truck. I wondered what had happened. Then our driver, John, arrived at work. He was a little late. Turned out all the sirens were for his son! The son had been driving up the highway when a truck pulling a boat pulled right out in front of him. He locked up his brakes and swerved, missing the boat. But he rolled his vehicle 2 and a half times. A local Doctor, who happened to be the son's own physician, saw the accident in his rearview mirror. He made a U turn and was among the first who stopped to render aid. He stabilized John's son until the emergency crew arrived. His son suffered a broken arm, and was still in the emergency room having back and chest X-rays when I left work.

Once I got home, I was starved. I gobbled down a left over grilled pork chop, and let that settle for half an hour, then got on the treadmill. After 1.2 miles, I threw in the towel and headed up to Jane for some groceries. Figured I'd better leave Tom and the boys stocked with some food, since Tom accepted overtime tomorrow and the next day. Seems like I just bought a car load of groceries a few days ago. These boys can EAT!

Now here it is almost 4 in the afternoon. I still haven't cleaned the bathroom, done any laundry, figured out what to pack (much less pack!) for my foray down to Texas tomorrow. I hope it is a typical light Saturday for freight! The weather there is supposed to be HOT. I dislike traveling in shorts, I hardly ever wear them. I own 2 pair that fit. So I need to get wardrobe figured out. Try on my seldom worn white jeans or something.

At any rate, I best get BUSY!
Have a blessed weekend!

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truth said...

You have been busy! Hope it isn't too hot in Texas and you enjoy your time. Seems like it is scorching hot everywhere right now.