Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Saturday morning, I finished work with good speed. Once home, We packed the rest of Becky's things into the car, as well as items for my other kids I would be seeing over the weekend. Becky and I, and her children were on the road by about 8:30.
We drove to my Dad's house for Saturday night. Tyrel saw the tractors and asked Great Grandpa Bill for a ride.
A really sweet picture of GGPa Bill with Kimber.

Early Sunday we loaded up and were on the way to Becky's house in west Texas by a few minutes after 7:00 am. We stopped in Ft Worth and saw my oldest son Chris. (I failed to get a picture of Chris.)

This is a better shot of the tarantula
on Tommy's cap. After playing with it a few minutes, it was let go again.

As there was a prayer sendoff on Sunday for Tommy's Brazil team trip, we drove directly to the home of the family hosting the sendoff. As we drove past the road we would turn down to get to Becky's house, she asked Tyrel if he recognized the road.
He did.

He set up a wail of "I want to go HOME!" that Becky could barely break through. She told him, "Daddy is at the Zesch's house. Don't you want to see Daddy?"
"I WAAAAAANT TO GOOO HOOOOOME""Uncle Tommy is at the Zesch's. Don't you want to see Daddy and Uncle Tommy?"
"Jake be there too?"
"Maybe," Becky says.
The wailing stopped and we went on to the Zesch home. Tommy and the Brazil group leave on Wednesday for Brazil.
As we finally got back to the road that Becky and her family live on, it was beginning to rain. (It nearly ALWAYS rains when we go to visit Becky in her normally dry west Texas climate!) So, as usual, I had to park at the highway. We took the four wheel drive truck on to their home, 3 miles down the caliche dirt road from the highway. After a wonderful supper with Becky's in-laws, we headed over to her house for the night. They got so much rain, Stephen had fun getting me back to the highway the next morning!
I was on the road to Duncan, Oklahoma before 7:00 am Monday.
I got to see Benjamin playing his violin in his new digs.
I got to see Bill Joe, Glynna, and Nickole.

As well as Laura (Nickole's birth parent) and her new boyfriend... whose name I cannot remember. (Sorry Laura!)

I then drove alllll the way back from Duncan, to our house in Arkansas.

I was at work bright and early this morning. I guess I should make what I arrived to ... another post!

Though I drove some 1400+ miles, I did get to see all seven of my kids this weekend. It was great.

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Becky said...

I really like Glynna's hair. She is very pretty in that picture.