Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation, Part 2

While we were in Kentucky, we did see the Cumberland Falls. There was no local river access, so no wading or swimming was allowed. The reunion organizers offered two water trips: the all day rafting trip, and the three hour canoe trip. Ty and Kimber were too young for the rafting trip (which was also prohibitively expensive!), so 'we' went with the canoers. Everyone except Kimber and I went, from our camp. I got to stay with Kimber. We started out in camp, where I pulled her playpen into deep shade, got us both wiped down with a damp wash cloth. I had just settled into a camp chair with my book, when a vehicle stopped up at the road. Since I wasn't visible from the street, I wondered who was headed down into our apparently vacant camp.

It was two of Tom's sisters, and their spouses. They were returning some baby items we had forgotten at their cabin the night before. Seeing that Kimber and I were sweating perspiring glistening , they insisted I should take the baby over to their air conditioned 'cabin'. We snatched the key card from their hands before they could change their minds allowed ourselves to be persuaded. So while they went off in search of the advertised 'zip line' attraction, Kimber and I made ourselves comfy in their air conditioned cabin. (Cabin seems a strange name for this place. It was a two story condo, with two bedrooms, three baths, a fully furnished kitchen, cable TV... quite luxurious to us tent camping relations!)

Kimber took a nice, refreshing nap. Once she woke up, we headed back to camp to see if the canoers had returned. They had not, so we stayed in the car and drove on in to the nearest town. We got more water, and breakfast foods. When we returned to camp this time, everyone was back.

There was also horseback riding, which Becky, Tyrel, Daniel, and Sam took advantage of. The horses were well trained, and accustomed to novice riders. Becky and Ty had some horseback experience before camp, so they were allowed to ride double. Kimber stayed in camp with the Mr C's and I.

Twice during our stay, we got substantial amounts of rainfall. Once we were confined to our tents, and once we were already headed over to the 'cabins' where the reunion group was meeting, so just sat in our vehicles until the downpour passed. Both times the rains were brief... but heavy. A skillet left on the picnic table collected over half an inch during one shower!

The humidity was awful. I know I showered twice or three times a day... and my clothes could be literally wrung out from sweat. EEEEWWWW!

We broke camp on Wednesday morning, and drove north through Kentucky to Ohio. BEAUTIFUL country. Miles on end of uniquely stacked rock 'fences'. Whitewashed horse fences and fields of wheat or oats ready to harvest. So very pretty. And from inside the air conditioned cars... ahhhh! A great ride.

Tomorrow... the adventures in Ohio!

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