Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That was short!

One of my missing co-workers showed up today. So I got to go home after completing the receiving and shipping. Tomorrow I am back to my 5:30 am shift. The other co-worker, we are waiting to see the outcome.

Daniel and Sam are back on their school work. Tommy will be lifting off to Brazil within the hour. (Actually, he will be leaving Snanjlo for DFW within the hour, to make the connecting flight to Brazil.)

The weather has cooled down. Highs for this week, going into the first week of July... are in the mid to upper 80*'s. Some nights are down to the 50*'s! in JULY! in the SOUTH!

I best just say "have a blessed day" to you now, and get busy around here. (Though a nap seems more likely)

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