Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brazil Ahead

This is my son Tommy.

My #5 child. He has always had an independent streak several miles wide . Tommy is going on a mission trip to Brazil the first of July.

Tommy is my son's middle name. His first name is Stephen, which means "Crown". He has picked up several nicknames the last few years. He has received mail addressed to "Stan". He got a middle of the night phone call on his cell, from a girl who insisted he was "John".

On this mission trip to Brazil, Tommy has been asked to be one of the speakers. He asked me to be praying for him, and I am asking all who will pray, to please be in prayer not only for Tommy, but for all of the Youth Power Invasion group that will be flooding Curitiba, Brazil.

Thank you! Have a blessed day!

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truth said...

Remind me again, as the trip gets closer, otherwise I might forget. My memory doesn't seem to be what it used to be.