Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Alone...

Because Tom and The Twins are out fishing. It is cloudy/overcast, and has reached the projected high of 54* for the day. The antibiotic I am on (for the inflamed cyst) warns me to be careful out of doors, as a side effect is extreme sensitivity to the sun.

I went to the "second largest inventory" of all the stores in our district Monday. The store was amazingly well organized, and we were done shortly after 6:00pm. It was a 40 mile drive... but I get mileage. The next inventory is not until Dec. 13th, and that is MY store. (Boss already said NO, we do NOT get mileage to our own store.) I worked a solid 8 hours on our store yesterday, trying to get it at least half as good as the one on Monday. It has far to go, but what we (me and my minions) did yesterday looks GREAT.

On the way to Fayetteville, I stopped in at Hobby Lobby and got the bias tape I needed to work on Kimber's dress. I handed the cashier my money. It was a $10 bill. She handed me back the change, all as a lump. So many cashiers do this! (Pet peeve... not counting back change!) I was stuffing it into my jeans pocket, when I realized, just as I was out the door... she had given me TWO fives and the three ones. Initial reaction : "SCORE! I got free bias tape AND more money than I had when I came in here!"
And then, the voice I listen to says: "You know if you keep that money, it is going to bug you forever. You know how upset YOU get when your cash drawer comes up short."

So I did an about face, and went back to the cashier. I said she had inadvertently handed me an extra five. I could tell by the look on her face that she was relieved that I had returned it. And I don't have to feel guilty forever!

I never did get the bathroom cleaned up Monday. We got a call from Becky that she has had to postpone her trip up here for a couple more weeks. So the "urgency" of cleaning the bathroom was gone. (The main thing is the bathtub has shower residue that has to go before a baby toddler can have a bath.)

I used part of the half and half I bought (for making the Alfredo), last night to make a delicious recipe:
Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Red Peppers . (Read the comments of the recipe for my modifications.) I took out Tom's serving before adding the sauce, and he said it was delicious even without the heavy Alfredo.

"Truth" has some awesome recipes on her food blog, and a great many of hers are gluten free.

So I am a week out from Thanksgiving. The house is clean, and I have a turkey in the freezer. I have a couple of packages of boxed stuffing, and a couple of sweet potatoes. (The sweet taters may get used this week.) I have four pie crusts (Dan is wanting to make English pasties with them, so I am having to guard them!) (He uses the Redwall Cookbook, not Rachael Ray's recipe, except for the pie crust.)

I have the makings for green bean casserole. I have potatoes. Still need stuff for fruit salad... and I will have to get more whipped topping, as that is as popular as the pies.

Speaking of pies... What kinds of pies shall I make? Glynna, Bill, Ben ... what are your favorites?)  I figure: Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Apple, and Pecan. If you like Lemon or Cherry, better let me know ASAP!

I have chicken (yet again) set out to thaw for supper. Not sure how I will torment it this time. (Tom calls anything other than straight grilled or fried chicken, "tormenting" it)

Have a blessed day!

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