Sunday, November 14, 2010

Must be getting ready to move...

I had that thought yesterday, and again today. We "Deep Cleaned" the laundry room yesterday... moving the fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, dresser, desk, and toolbox. Baseboards were scrubbed, floors swept and mopped. Mr C finished up in there today, folding and putting away his clothes, and designating a whole bag full of T-Shirts as "rags". The laundry room is refilled with laundry today, as we tackled Sam's room. Pretty much same scenario, different furniture. I found NO LESS than eight spoons, and two forks in there. It got so ridiculous, the boys took to not telling me when they ran across another spoon. (I think the great spoon famine is over!)

 Sam's room is VERY, VERY clean. The curtains are in the washing machine, along with his fitted sheet. Many blankets and loads of clothes remain. The scent of testosterone and dog is gone from his room, though the laundry piles still reeks. I suppose we will tackle Dan's room next weekend... tomorrow will be putting the rest of the house back in to some semblance of order, as my Mom, and my Daughter, and two of the grandkids will be here tomorrow night. (Hey Becky, you will get to sleep in Sam's room!)

My daughter cleans like I do. We gut a room... everything out and piled into one or more heaps... then clean the vacated area, sort through the heaps, putting things back into place as we diminish the piles. Not sure if I learned this technique from my Mom or not. I do remember when she said "Clean your room", most of the time we could get away with stuffing everything under the bed, or into the closet. But not always. That is why Sam's room was such a mess... too long since I "helped" clean it.

We had actually started on Dan's room  (Ben's old room, which he shared briefly with my eldest for about a month, over a year ago) earlier this last week. We didn't finish it, but decided Sam's room was where Becky would stay, so it was more important to finish today. In Dan's room... I found (leftover from my eldest's stay 14 months ago...) 3 empty cigarette packages, an empty asthma inhaler, a handful of loose change, four  half empty water bottles... and a small stack of junk mail.

For FOURTEEN MONTHS these things have lurked in the bedroom, through Ben moving out in June, Dan taking over the room. They left it because "It is my brothers and I didn't know what to do with it." Come on... you can't figure out an empty cigarette package is TRASH?

Well, I had some more to rant on about, but I have been informed that I have to share the computer. Have a blessed evening!

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