Sunday, November 21, 2010

Squeaky, squeaky


Yesterday, I got some "Orange Glo" wood floor cleaner. The Murphy's Oil Soap left a dull residue on the floors. So, again this week, we diassembled the front room and laundry rooms, and cleaned. The floors were re-mopped with the Orange Glo. It left a nice shine. The treadmill was moved to the laundry room. (Yeah, like we needed another major piece of furniture in there!) The extensions were added to the dining room table. The living room was completely re-arranged, for the first time since Tommy moved away- which was more than 2 years ago.

We noticed a really BAD, sulphery smell coming from my big tree behind the TV. So Tom took me to Lowes, where we got it a new, larger pot, and fresh soil. The tree was uprooted outside, and the old soil washed from its roots. We put several chunks of charcoal into the new pot, before adding the tree and fresh soil.  We had a crowd for the grand re-potting... all four of the little neighbor kids came over. (Yep, they are back. Great Grandpa rescued the ne'er do well Grandson again.) Tom yanked off some of the tree sprouts, which I insisted on saving. The tree's older offspring was also repotted to a bigger pot. The rest of the plants went into the shower for a good rinsing and drink. The porch got a short neatening up.

Tomorrow, I will work on my room and the bathrooms. Those are the only rooms left in the house we haven't had undone in the last couple of weeks. Maybe we will do those rooms... maybe we will go get the library out of the way.

I did remember to put the turkey into the fridge this morning, to begin to thaw.  I can't think of anything else to do to start getting ready for Thursday, that we can do this early.

Well Hope you have a blessed afternoon!

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