Monday, November 15, 2010


Already mid-November. Today will be my second inventory trip with my boss. This time in Fayetteville, some 40 miles south of here. The boys and I are slogging away on getting the house ready for the grandkids to be here.We have all been putting out little "hot spots" where junk piles up. I keep thinking of the floors being clean enough to crawl on... but I forget that Kimber is now toddling.

I have really fallen off on my walking every day. I forced myself to walk today, because if I didn't I'm sure I would of just quit, as I had already skipped the three days prior.

We planned a few dinners for our "company": Fajita Chicken  Alfredo, No-Longer Leesa's Enchiladas, and Beef Stroganoff.

I almost have the laundry caught up! But I got up pitching a queen sized fit this morning. When I came into the living room, I discovered that the freshly washed (last night) comforters did NOT get folded and put away.  So Jaffa had helped himself. He dragged it off the couch and wormed himself into a nest, sealing the sides around him... directly in front of the heater. This is one cold natured dog!

I shook him out of the comforter, with suitable sounds of ire. I tossed him "his" blanket... a little fleece blanket we got "free" in the mail, for a donation. He looked sadly at the comforter I had put back on the couch. I said, "Don't even THINK about it!"
I swear, like a kid... Jaffa gives a heavy sigh, a reproachful look at me, and took "his" blanket. In his covering himself, "his" blanket doesn't cover his tail end. Poor puppy. He settled back down, again in front of the heater.

Anyway, I am down to one load waiting to be washed, despite the dog adding the comforter back to the laundry.  It should all be done before I head off to Fayetteville. Pretty much all there is left to do is the back bathroom and the floors. I can't get to the back bath right now, as Mr C is having some quiet time in his room. The entire house cleaned, and two full weeks of Mr C's vacation still to get through.

It was funny yesterday, as I mentioned, that it crossed my mind and Tom's as well, that we were preparing to move. Moving generates this kind of deep cleaning. I have set aside another box of grade school readers for Becky, and the twins got outgrown clothes sacked and ready to donate.

Well, Quiet time is over. I better get on that bathroom!

Have a blessed day.

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