Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Viva November!

Another fairly long day at work... five and a half hours. Once I got home, walked, and showered, the boys and I were off for their library service. I went ahead and told the boss to schedule me off on Wednesday thru Friday at thanksgiving. No problem, he says... we are closed Thanksgiving anyway. Only the really big town stores will be open that day. So, I am cleared on the schedule to go to Dad and Kathie's... if Tom goes to Ohio. Boss has asked me to stay as late as I can every day that I can... up to 40 hours a week from now until December 12th, getting the store ready for inventory.

I have procured both permission to take Connor and Alana to Grumpaw Bill and Grammy Kathie's, if we do go there, AND a visit with CowGranny and Umpaw this coming Friday! Yay! (Thanks, Jenn!)

I feel like I haven't been a really terrific Granny to any of my Grandkids. Between time, money, and school for the kids, Mr C and I haven't done too many "grandparenty" things. (Can I blame still having kids at home? I forget I am GRANNY!) I hope someday... preferably SOON! That we can have a home that the grandkids will like to come and spend time. Things for them to do... animals to play with, chickens to feed... real farm stuff. Meanwhile, we carry on, and the grandkids are growing up... just as the kids did. Before we are ready, before we know it.


Back here in the real world... I got a whole pile of catalogs this week. Catalogs are so much fun! I have been browsing "Catalog Favorites" (http://www.catalogfavorites.com/) . Another I got is "Bits and Pieces"  (  www.bitsandpieces.com ) If I was rich, I would have presents all picked out for everyone!

Online, the twins and I are still having a blast at http://www.thinkgeek.com/ .

Well, I better get bust trying to fix some supper. Have a blessed night.

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